Please note that books will also be available for pick up at Harvey Penick Golf Campus.

100% of the proceeds for the book go towards programs that help Keep Austin Kids on Course through various programs facilitated by The First Tee of Greater Austin.

This Green Reading book is for Avery Ranch Golf Club. | *Books cannot be replaced if lost


Accurate Green Maps are created by Rich Meador

Rich has donated these books to act as an incentive for donations to The First Tee of Greater Austin—100% of the proceeds go toward our youth programs that help Keep Austin Kids on Course. If the fundraising is successful, Rich plans to create similar books for additional courses in Austin.

About Rich Meador

Rich is an electrical engineer having worked in Austin for the past 18 years, and has been playing golf since the age of 10. For years, he’s had difficulty in reading greens due to vision problems that required specialized eye surgery. (It’s not a good thing when every putt looks like it breaks right to left!)  To compensate, he created a green reading map for each of the 18 holes at Avery Ranch where he’s been a member for the past 8 years.  Over a 3 month period, he measured every square yard of every green using digital levels on a grid of 50 yard measuring tapes.  Depending on green size, this amounted to 400-900 measurements per green! He completed the book in December and a 2nd version in January that meets the new 2019 USGA rules for green reading materials.  And yes, he is a tech guy—who else would spend nights measuring green contours under floodlights?

Why use Green Maps?

Most amateur golfers take their best guess at determining speed and break of a putt or chip shot…. and just hope for the best. With recent advances in surveying technology, today’s golfers can do much better utilizing highly accurate green reading maps used by 95% of PGA/LPGA tour golfers.  The most accurate mapping technique is a direct measurement which consists of sliding a digital level across the entire surface of the green and recording slope/direction of every square yard.  [This method was used for the Avery Ranch green maps.]  A second method is scanning the green from a fixed location using laser equipment similar to a laser range finder.   The scanning method is much faster than direct measurement but not as accurate.

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